Scot Scholars prepares you to appreciate the rapid pace of 21st century archaeology. That’s right, advances in science and computer technology have even influenced archaeology, making it a compelling field to follow. There are volunteer opportunities, to be sure, where you can participate in fieldwork on a dig almost anywhere in Scotland. But putting finds in the context of history and the true culture of Scotland is what makes archaeology meaningful. Scot Scholars is the perfect starting place.

You will learn some essential information about Scotland’s geography and geology before we embark on our main topic of archaeology. As you are a resident of North America, we will not assume that you have had reason to study these aspects of Scotland, even if you frequently travel there. You will learn how to read the national grid that overlays ordnance survey maps, which are standard maps of Scotland.

Many individuals, universities, archaeological firms and laboratories, governments, and other organizations have contributed the photographs our students see, expressly with wishes for our mutual success. Because the information in the Scot Scholars course is condensed, there is no expectation that you will complete it all in a single session. There are no quizzes or examinations.




Is archaeology in Scotland interesting?

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Best wishes and encouragement have come to us, along with beautiful photographs to aid in our learning, from those listed here.


The Scot Scholars course is specifically written for North Americans. A Scot Scholar advances into a community of learners who actively pursue the progress of archaeology in Scotland, choosing their own level of participation.